Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Principal organs Of United Nations

A.General Assembly- Consist of all the members of the organization, each of which is entitled to send not more than 5 representatives and 5 alternates. Each member has only one vote. Its functions may b e classified into:
1. Deliberative , like initiating studies and making recommendations for the of international law.
2. Supervisory, such as receiving and considering annual and special reports from other organs of the UN
3. Financial, as the consideration and approval of the budget of the organization , the apportionment of expenses
4. Elective , as in the election of the non-permanent members of the Security Council, all members of the EcoSoc
5. Constituent, such as the admission of members and the amendment of the Charter.
Its regular session is held once a year, and it may hold special sessions called by the Secretary General at the request of the Security Council or a majority of the members. The vote of 2/3of the members present and voting is required in cases of peace, security, membership, elections, trusteeship system, and budget.

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